[Talk-transit] All about bus stops

Shaun McDonald shaun at shaunmcdonald.me.uk
Fri Jan 9 12:49:10 GMT 2009

On 9 Jan 2009, at 11:53, Chris Hill wrote:
>> * Bus routes that stop at the stop
>> We can either tag them on the stop or add them to the route relation.
>> I favour the latter, as it makes it easier to change stops.
> I like relations, but until we are sure that relations maintain their
> order (api v0.6 I think) it would be risky, a bus route currently  
> could
> mix up the order of the stops.  When it is just rendered on a map that
> doesn't matter much, but for using the data in other ways, such as
> linking to timetables the order is important.

We can get the relations in now, and then when 0.6 comes along, we can  
make them into the right order, _when_ the editors actually support  
ordering of relations.

>> Anything else?
> There is a lot to discuss about the UK import of NaPTAN data: how to
> translate the data, what about existing bus stop nodes, how to
> incorporate the new stuff into route relations ...

Does anyone have the specification of what fields are in the NaPTAN  


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