[Talk-transit] catching up

Thomas Wood grand.edgemaster at gmail.com
Sat Jan 10 16:35:50 GMT 2009

2009/1/10 Peter Miller <peter.miller at itoworld.com>:
> On 10 Jan 2009, at 14:58, Thomas Wood wrote:
>> 2009/1/10 Peter Miller <peter.miller at itoworld.com>:
> Good work. I will go thought it at some point and make my own observations.
> Initial comment. Can we please import the naptan fields using the identical
> attribute unless there is a really good reason not to; for example AtcoCode
> should be imported into naptan:AtcoCode rather than naptan:id. The reason
> for this is to avoid confusions (there are about 6 'ids' for the stop,
> platecodes, privatecodes and naptancodes all of which will be treated by
> someone as the 'id'.

The number of codes is bewildering, I'm wondering how the London bus
stop scheme fits into all this.
I've usually collected the reference letter and the yellow ID code
from the ones I've mapped. And tagged them (ignoring almost everyone
else's schemes with id= and ref= )

> I don't think many people will use the raw attributes a lot. I assume we
> will populate other more normal fields from them so it doesn't matter that
> they are a little verbose.
> When the NaPTAN Attribute name is Description/CommonName etc, we could
> possible drop the Description/ for the main name (and most only have one I
> think).  If there are more than one then we can construct a more complex
> name. So the main CommonName would be naptan:CommonName, not
> naptan:Descriptor/CommonName

Yes, the Descriptor/ bits are just for the reference of anybody
creating a converter, rather than being used as a part of the tag.

> Let us know how you get on - I see that you are still plugging away at it.

Thomas Wood

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