[Talk-transit] catching up

Brian Quinion openstreetmap at brian.quinion.co.uk
Tue Jan 13 16:35:14 GMT 2009

>> I'm wondering if the first step might be to import the data to a
>> seperate database so that we can render an overlay on to the existing
>> OSM data without populating the main database.  We could then get the
>> overlay as correct as possible and give other editors the ability to
>> double check it before it became final.

> As Peter noted, we can make several passes over the data, each time we
> generate an OSM file, we can generate an overlay
> image/tileset/something fairly easily to do a general check of the
> data.

Maybe I'm miss-understanding what you mean by passes.  I was under the
impression that you mean doing an initial import, then an update after
seeing the result, another update, etc...

So instead you are proposing to initially generate a seperate osm file
which won't be imported into osm until it is the finished result?
Have I understood correctly this time?

BTW - this includes the implicit offer to help generate such an
overlay for checking - not just that you should do more work!


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