[Talk-transit] catching up

Jochen Topf jochen at remote.org
Wed Jan 14 11:31:34 GMT 2009

On Tue, Jan 13, 2009 at 04:57:01PM +0000, Peter Miller wrote:
> I suggest that we initially add bus stops form NaPTAN as long as there  
> isn't a bus stops within 100 meters in the OM dataset. We can agree  
> which fields to fill in from NaPTAN in this initial import.
> We then also produce a list (and map?) of bus stops in NaPTAN where  
> there are stops in OSM within 100 meters and decide for the different  
> areas what we do about this - do we replace the existing data or graft  
> the new into what is there.

We are currently doing an import of county boundary data in Germany.
Before we did the import we showed the new data that we planned to
import on an OSM Inspector map. Now that the import is done we show the new
and old data so that people can see what is happening and do manual
correction where needed.

I suggest a similar approach here, i.e. show bus stops that will be
imported, ask community for feedback. If there are no major objections,
import the data and - again - show it in some tool. People can revert to
old data manually if the new data has problems here and there.

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