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On Sun, Jan 18, 2009 at 4:23 PM, Joe Hughes <joe at headwayblog.com> wrote:

> 1) Hopefully, whatever scheme we end up with will encourage placement
> of stop points at the location where riders should wait, rather than
> the middle of the way.  When a stop ends up shown in the middle of an
> intersection, it can be a confusing process for a rider to determine
> which corner they're supposed to be standing on.

I myself am very interested in getting routing working, but we have to get
these things (stops, how routes are represented) down first. And I think you
guys have taken great first steps.

It might be a bit early to chat about specific cases, but in Toronto Canada
we have Streetcars (probably known as Trams or LRT in other areas) which
will throw a fly into the ointment here.

Streetcar stops are sometimes on the side of the road, akin to bus stops.
However, since streetcars have priority (cars have to stop to allow
passengers on and off), there are cases where there are streetcar "islands".
These thin stips of raised concrete allow people waiting for the streetcar
to wait in the middle of two lanes of flowing traffic.

I know we could just complicate the mapping of the road itself here to make
the mapping of "stops" easier, but I did want to point out at least one case
where the stop isn't beside the way, but really in the middle of it.

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