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On 19 Jan 2009, at 16:16, Gerald A wrote:

> On Sun, Jan 18, 2009 at 4:23 PM, Joe Hughes <joe at headwayblog.com>  
> wrote:
> 1) Hopefully, whatever scheme we end up with will encourage placement
> of stop points at the location where riders should wait, rather than
> the middle of the way.  When a stop ends up shown in the middle of an
> intersection, it can be a confusing process for a rider to determine
> which corner they're supposed to be standing on.
> I myself am very interested in getting routing working, but we have  
> to get these things (stops, how routes are represented) down first.  
> And I think you guys have taken great first steps.
> It might be a bit early to chat about specific cases, but in Toronto  
> Canada we have Streetcars (probably known as Trams or LRT in other  
> areas) which will throw a fly into the ointment here.
> Streetcar stops are sometimes on the side of the road, akin to bus  
> stops. However, since streetcars have priority (cars have to stop to  
> allow passengers on and off), there are cases where there are  
> streetcar "islands". These thin stips of raised concrete allow  
> people waiting for the streetcar to wait in the middle of two lanes  
> of flowing traffic.
> I know we could just complicate the mapping of the road itself here  
> to make the mapping of "stops" easier, but I did want to point out  
> at least one case where the stop isn't beside the way, but really in  
> the middle of it.

Sure. Tram stops often work like this in Europe. I think in that case  
it could be one Stop Point given that one waits in exactly the place  
to go in either direction or two different ones. I would be relaxed  
about both. If there were two distinct shelters or the platform was  
wide then two might be justified. There is a complexity with railways  
where there is often one platform for two track, and in these  
sometimes the platforms are divided into sections. For example where I  
live one side is platform 3, and the other is platform 4a,4b and 4c,  
this would require four Stop Points. If, however we as a principle  
follow the EU Transmodel standard for these features, then we will  
find that there is a solution to all these special cases, including  
hail and ride and trains that separate.



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