[Talk-transit] [OSM-talk] Railways hierarchy

Gerrit Lammert osm at 00l.de
Thu Jan 22 19:33:46 GMT 2009

Shaun McDonald wrote:
> On 20 Jan 2009, at 19:53, osm at 00l.de wrote:
>> Hi Shaun.
>> Shaun McDonald wrote:
>>> I'm more interested in the hierarchy of railway stations, which is  
>>> similar to place name hierarchy problem. With the new rail maps that  
>>> are showing up, the minor stations are showing up when the major  
>>> stations are hidden at low to mid zoom.
>> We have railway=station und railway=halt to distinguish between bigger 
>> and smaller train stations. I would think that this would be enough 
>> for the train network.
> A halt is a very special type of station, where there will be no staff, 
> and trains will only call on request.

I see. I thought this was more on how to describe how to tell if it's 
merely a halt or a proper station.
Around here train stations start to be mapped with the actual amount of 
rails that they consist of.
The renderer could use these to determine the importance of the station.
Or better still, if you combine all the platforms of a station into a 
relation, the amount of platforms might even better indicate the 
relevance, neglecting stations of no importance but with tons of rails 
passing them.
(Yes!! I found another use for my proposed stop-tagging scheme. ;-)


PS: Sorry for this incomplete discussion. I always forget to add the 
mailing list when hitting reply. Could someone modify the list's 
settings so that the mailing lists address is the default reply-to?

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