[Talk-transit] All about bus stops

Gerrit Lammert osm at 00l.de
Fri Jan 23 09:12:03 GMT 2009

Hi Peter.

Peter Miller wrote:
>> See
>> http://www.openstreetmap.org/?lat=52.26911&lon=10.52976&zoom=17&layers=B000TFTF 
>> and
>> http://maps.google.de/?ie=UTF8&ll=52.269172,10.529677&spn=0.000633,0.001743&t=h&z=20 
> In the above example above (with Google Photography) it is significant 
> that when zoomed in there appears to be only one platform. Are there 
> tracks on both sides or only on one side of the platform? If so then 
> that is worth modeling. Of course tram tracks also share space with cars 
> some time which is annoying from a modeling perspective!

There are tracks in both direction, but only the southern one has a 
platform on this side of the crossing. So in words the physical 
situation from north to south is:
- road lane
- road lane combined track
- track
- platform
- road lane
- road lane

Thats why I tagged it
- highway=xxx;railway=tram;oneway=yes;lanes=2
- railway=tram;oneway=yes
- highway=xxx;oneway=yes;lanes=2

This is for an accurate enough description. It doesn't look very nice on 
the map (way splitting up in 3 for a couple of meters), but its the best 
solution I found yet.

> Can I suggest we produce a set of example 'edge use-cases' on the wiki 
> where we give real examples, real grid references and show what we 
> recommend in the situation. I just know that there is lots more of this 
> detail to talk through and I am keen we capture the conclusions for 
> others. As a test for the modelling I suggest we ask if it would be good 
> enough for a blind pedestrian to understand how to get to the tram and 
> where to go in which order, in other words good pedestrian routing. We 
> therefore need to position of the pedestrian crossing to get to the 
> platform.
> I suggest we have a page for trams which are particularly messy things 
> because they share road space with cars for some of the time and not for 
> other times. fun fun.

Good idea.

>> PS: Sorry for this incomplete discussion. I always forget to add the
>> mailing list when hitting reply. Could someone modify the list's
>> settings so that the mailing lists address is the default reply-to?
> I can do that. However there is strong advice not to do so and it is not 
> how the rest of the OSM lists work - As such I would suggest that we 
> maintain consistency with other OSM lists and try to remember to 'reply 
> all'.

Well, the german "talk-de"-list does it. Though I seem to remeber there 
was a lot of debate around it.

For me there are two reasons to use reply-to: list.
1) If people (like myself) forget to hit reply all (this might be the 
only list I have to do it), a lot of information might get lost until 
someone discovers and people wonder why that ignorant "bastard" didn't 
answer that nicely asked question, when he actually did. :)
2) When I hit reply all (in thunderbird), the original author gets a 
copy thus receiving the answer twice (directly and through the list). 
When for this answer I hit reply-all, it would send to the List, Peter 
and Gerald. I guess if another one answers to this post, it would be 
send to the list, Peter, Gerald and me and so on...

But if everyone else is used to hitting reply all, its ok with me.


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