[Talk-transit] All about bus stops

Peter Miller peter.miller at itoworld.com
Sat Jan 24 21:29:33 GMT 2009

>>> PS: Sorry for this incomplete discussion. I always forget to add the
>>> mailing list when hitting reply. Could someone modify the list's
>>> settings so that the mailing lists address is the default reply-to?
>> I can do that. However there is strong advice not to do so and it  
>> is not how the rest of the OSM lists work - As such I would suggest  
>> that we maintain consistency with other OSM lists and try to  
>> remember to 'reply all'.
> Well, the german "talk-de"-list does it. Though I seem to remeber  
> there was a lot of debate around it.

Actually... legal-talk list does it that way as well. I should know  
because I am posting there a lot at present!

Ok, so now that we have a few precedences for this approach lets make  
a decision. My personal preference is also for reply-to-list. Does  
anyone 'not' want me to change it? If so speak up or I will flick the  
switch on monday morning or thereabouts.



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