[Talk-transit] West Mids Bus Routes

Christoph Boehme christoph at b3e.net
Wed Jul 1 13:28:10 BST 2009


Andy Robinson (blackadder-lists) wrote:

> FYI, I'm only adding the routes in for sections where I've already verified
> the NaPTAN bus stops and added the route refs displayed at the stop.

I it might be helpful here that I recently updated the Naptanmerger (now 
renamed to Novam as Brian suggested) and it now displays all nodes 
within the UK with naptan:AtcoCode or highway=bus_stop set. It also 
indicates the completeness of the tagging by using different colours.


The current database dump is from 29/06/09 and I am currently testing a 
script that will apply the hourly diffs to the database. This will 
hopefully ready for use on the server within the next weeks.

The tool now has most of its client-side functions implemented. Though, 
there are a couple things missing or not working properly (especially 
the selection/marking state of the icons on the map). You can play 
around with it as much as you like since no actual changes are made on 
the server yet.

There are three hidden functions:

1. Shift+Clicking on a bus stop selects this bus stop instead of marking 

    it for merging when another bus stop is selected at the moment.
2. Control+Clicking on images (none in the database at the moment)
    selects the position of the image.
3. The currently selected bus stop can be moved on the map to change its 



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