[Talk-transit] West Mids Bus Routes

Melchior Moos melchiormoos at gmail.com
Wed Jul 1 19:27:47 BST 2009


Bus routes are appearing nicely now on:
>> http://www.mappa-mercia.org/public-transport-map.shtml
> Wow! I'm jealous. I'd love to have something like this for Manchester.
> Here, the bus routes are so maddeningly confusing (multiple operators with
> different fare structures, and routes that seem to change monthly) that this
> kind of map would be really useful.
> I'm not even going to begin to attempt to map the bus routes though
> (although I might do the 3 free inner-city bus routes).

I would encourage you to map these routes. Someone needs to do the first
step and I think there will be someone who continues your work if he sees
the results or the objects in the database. The map available for the whole
europe, so you will se the results in the same way as in Birmingham:
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