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>> I would encourage you to map these routes. Someone needs to do the first
>> step and I think there will be someone who continues your work if he sees
>> the results or the objects in the database. The map available for the whole
>> europe, so you will se the results in the same way as in Birmingham:
>> http://www.xn--pnvkarte-m4a.de/?zoom=13&lat=53.48074&lon=-2.24051

> How do you start? Honestly, the information on the ground at bus stops is so
> poor it's completely useless. Getting on a bus is like rolling a dice (which
> determines where you'll end up, as well as how much you'll pay).



You might find helpful www.traveline.info/nextbuses.htm

(or www.mytraveline.mobi if that suits your browser better)

where you can type the naptan:AtcoCode straight in and find out what 
the next departures are.

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