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> Have a go at mapping one bus route to start with - it's great fun!  We were
> helped enormously by having the trial NaPTAN import so we got a good grid of
> bus stops mapped where we agreed as a local group to make sure all the route
> nos where displayed on bus stops were tagged. It's a good idea to travel a
> bus route and take a GPS track ( great for wet miserable days when you don't
> want to cycle). If there's a plethora of operators just pick the biggest and
> map their routes.


I tried to do a bit of Route 50 yesterday which I know very well from 
staying at the Paragon Hotel.  As you will see I got into a bit of a 
tangle with the relation description. Maybe somewhere there is 
guidance on this.

It is quite a lot of work and I do wonder if there are easier ways to 
provide OSM with where the routes go.

The immediate value to the public transport industry will be OSM local 
verification of the bus stop positions and the naming of stops, 
streets and localities.

Best wishes.

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