[Talk-transit] Talk-transit Digest, Vol 7, Issue 4

Peter J Stoner stonerpj at mytraveline.info
Fri Jul 3 19:58:08 BST 2009

In message <ab4a6cf40907030950h34719757vd337a887568617bf at mail.gmail.co 
          Brian Prangle <bprangle at googlemail.com> wrote:

> Hi Peter

> Bus Routes work like this

> type=route
> route=bus
> ref=50
> operator= National Express West Midlands
> name= NXWM Bus Route 50

> Thanks for having a go and helping out in Birmingham - I've edited your
> relation for bus route 50 to reflect the above. Look forward to seeing it
> rendered in opnvkarte

> Next time you're staying over  in Birmingham let me know and perhaps we can
> chat over a pint

> Regards



Thanks for the tuition.  I look forward to meeting up in Birmingham.

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