[Talk-transit] Railway route relations

Melchior Moos melchiormoos at gmail.com
Mon Jul 6 21:24:19 BST 2009

2009/7/6 Brian Prangle <bprangle at googlemail.com>

> I've experimented with the section of the West Coast Mainline between B'ham
> New St and B'ham International: I've added a train (i.e service) relation
> with ref=WCML and also a railway (i.e physical) relation with ref =17.01 (
> the SRS dor the section of track) to see how it rendered in opnvkarte. I'd
> appreciate people's opinions now the render engine has caught up. Personally
> I don't like it and I think the physical stuff is better tagged on the ways;
> opnvkarte is a public transport map and should show services

My interest in infrastructure relations is not very high, the only reason
I'm rendering them is, that there were (or maybe are) some service routes
that are tagged with route=railway. Rendering them enables people to see the
fault. The main focus of öpnvkarte lies on the service relations.

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