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Peter J Stoner stonerpj at mytraveline.info
Mon Jul 20 14:05:20 BST 2009

In message on 20 Jul 2009,  Ed Loach wrote:

> I'm assuming that the naptan import when it happens will be as at a
> certain point in time, and won't include any new bus stops since that
> time?

> I'm asking because a bus route has changed in the last week or so that
> now passes my house both ways instead of just one way and rather than
> add bus stops on the other side of the road they've added a taped
> message "Buses stop here and opposite" to each of the existing bus
> stops on the road.



If the Transport authority has done its job properly then we will
expect to see Custom and Practice stops appear in NaPTAN opposite the
marked stops.

It may be that the stick on labels are temporary and that bus stop
poles will appear on the other side of the road in due course, at
which point the status of the stop in NaPTAN should change from CUS to 


Neither Traveline nor DfT have given an undertaking to provide updates 

of the data.  However I believe OSM has been able to take a refresh

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