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Thomas Wood grand.edgemaster at gmail.com
Wed Jul 22 17:34:10 BST 2009

2009/7/22 Peter Miller <peter.miller at itoworld.com>:
> On 20 Jul 2009, at 14:35, Thomas Wood wrote:
>> 2009/7/20 Peter J Stoner <stonerpj at mytraveline.info>:
>>> In message on 20 Jul 2009,  Ed Loach wrote:
>>>> I'm assuming that the naptan import when it happens will be as at a
>>>> certain point in time, and won't include any new bus stops since that
>>>> time?
>>>> I'm asking because a bus route has changed in the last week or so that
>>>> now passes my house both ways instead of just one way and rather than
>>>> add bus stops on the other side of the road they've added a taped
>>>> message "Buses stop here and opposite" to each of the existing bus
>>>> stops on the road.
>>> Ed
>>> If the Transport authority has done its job properly then we will
>>> expect to see Custom and Practice stops appear in NaPTAN opposite the
> snip
>> The refreshed data is yet to be downloaded, so depending on the
>> responsiveness of the LA, the stops may be in there by the time I get
>> around to finalising the import.
> I am conscious that it is now over 6 months since the data was offered. I do
> realise that a lot of technical work and familiarisation has been taking
> place but it would be great to be able to complete the import and move on.
> I am also aware that there is a 50K place gazetteer sitting there untouched
> - last week I was adding villages in Norfolk by hand and the data is sitting
> available in NPTG.

It is, we need to start thinking about what we can do with it.

> Do you need help with the NaPTAN import or are you just about ready to do
> the work? Do we need to set up a wiki page where people can request imports
> for their authority or are we going to do it without that?

I've been putting off working on it for a while as slightly more
interesting projects seem to keep coming my way.
Anyway, I'm now checking that the new tools that will be used to
upload the data that have been written for 0.6 will meet our needs.
For this I'm doing a few uploads to a dev server to see what the
imported data looks like with regards the created changesets etc.
I'm probably going to have to modify the uploader to record object ids
that are being stored for missing references to stop areas.

Thomas Wood

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