[Talk-transit] Naptan import

Christoph Böhme christoph at b3e.net
Mon Jul 27 22:14:08 BST 2009


"Roger Slevin" <roger at slevin.plus.com> schrieb:

> Locality Classification was added as a possible "nice to have" to the
> version 2 schema but it has not been populated, and no guidance has
> been created to indicate how this field should be used (save for a
> table of permitted values).  There is no classification data in NPTG
> other than that which comes from the source - and that is only there
> because it could be ... I would not recommend its use as it is flaky,
> and offers nothing in respect of newly created locality entries in
> the Gazetteer.

So, it looks like we will not have any classification information.
Unless we just want to import the plain names this will complicate the
import a bit as we have to somehow map the locations to OSM place-types.
At the moment I am having three ideas how we could do this:

Based on the parent relationship we could guess if a location might
be a suburb or village.

Many places have wikipedia entries (even villages). If we can manage
to automatically look the entries up and extract the relevant
information (population size) from the info box we could probably
classify a lot of places.

The landsat data might give us some hints about the size of places. We
just need to find a way to retrieve this information automatically :-)

Alternatively we could just invent a value for unclassified places and
wait for people to classify the places.

Do you have any other ideas?


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