[Talk-transit] Naptan import

Chris Hill chillly809 at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Jul 27 22:42:48 BST 2009

Christoph Böhme wrote:
> Hi
> "Roger Slevin" <roger at slevin.plus.com> schrieb:
>> Locality Classification was added as a possible "nice to have" to the
>> version 2 schema but it has not been populated, and no guidance has
>> been created to indicate how this field should be used (save for a
>> table of permitted values).  There is no classification data in NPTG
>> other than that which comes from the source - and that is only there
>> because it could be ... I would not recommend its use as it is flaky,
>> and offers nothing in respect of newly created locality entries in
>> the Gazetteer.
> So, it looks like we will not have any classification information.
> Unless we just want to import the plain names this will complicate the
> import a bit as we have to somehow map the locations to OSM place-types.
> At the moment I am having three ideas how we could do this:
> Based on the parent relationship we could guess if a location might
> be a suburb or village.
> Many places have wikipedia entries (even villages). If we can manage
> to automatically look the entries up and extract the relevant
> information (population size) from the info box we could probably
> classify a lot of places.
> The landsat data might give us some hints about the size of places. We
> just need to find a way to retrieve this information automatically :-)
> Alternatively we could just invent a value for unclassified places and
> wait for people to classify the places.
> Do you have any other ideas?
Ask for local experts.  I have maintained a list of places in East 
Yorkshire in the wiki.  There are about 280 villages and hamlets.  I've 
visited almost 90% to map them and assess if they are really still a 
place.  Many have been added from NPE and they just don't exist on the 
ground any more.  I then judge village versus hamlet on criteria, like 
size, is there a school, church, shop etc. and what does the Wikipedia 
entry or other web sites say.  I then add local knowledge.

Having done this work I would prefer that a bulk upload doesn't add 
places in the county without prior discussion.  You would probably be 
able to find someone to do a sanity check like this for many (most? 
all?) areas.  My experience is that sources of UK places need human 
intervention to make them useful.

Cheers, Chris

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