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On 28 Jul 2009, at 18:41, Christoph Böhme wrote:

> osm at edwardbetts.com schrieb:
>> Christoph Böhme <christoph at b3e.net> wrote:
>>> Many places have wikipedia entries (even villages). If we can manage
>>> to automatically look the entries up and extract the relevant
>>> information (population size) from the info box we could probably
>>> classify a lot of places.
>> I'm afraid we can't use population data, it is under Crown Copyright.
> I don't know much about the licencing but I find it slightly odd that
> Wikipedia can distribute its contents under a CC-BY-SA licene when it
> contains information that is under a more restrictive licence. How  
> am I
> supposed to know that population numbers are not covered by the
> CC-BY-SA licence?
> I don't want to start a huge discussion here about the legal issues of
> using the population numbers. I'm just curious to learn why Crown
> Copyrighted data can be in Wikipedia.

All information in Wikipedia must be sourced from elsewhere because it  
must be verifiable. (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Verifiability)

References should be to reputable sources, such as top newspapers etc.  
There are guidelines ensuring that copyright material is not used  
excessively (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Non-free_content)  
but in summary it seems that as long as an article is made of  
information taken from many sources and written for Wikipedia and is  
not cut and pasted from one source then it has been 'freed'.

It is then possible to take information from Wikipedia and reuse it  
with acknowledgement as per the following:

"Permission to reproduce and modify text on Wikipedia has already been  
granted to anyone anywhere by the authors of individual articles as  
long as such reproduction and modification complies with licensing  
terms (see below and Wikipedia:Mirrors and forks for specific terms).  
Images may or may not permit reuse and modification; the conditions  
for reproduction of each image should be individually checked. The  
only exceptions are those cases in which editors have violated  
Wikipedia policy by uploading copyrighted material without  
authorization, or with copyright licensing terms which are  
incompatible with those Wikipedia authors have applied to the rest of  
Wikipedia content. While such material is present on the Wikipedia  
(before it is detected and removed), it will be a copyright violation  
to copy it. For permission to use it, one must contact the owner of  
the copyright of the text or illustration in question; often, but not  
always, this will be the original author.



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