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Thanks for this - the East Sussex one is clearly wrong (not a lot of Gaelic
spoken there) ... and is something we don't check on, and it hadn't been
spotted before.  I have asked the editor to correct it (to "blank" or "en").
I don't have that influence with Perth & Kinross - though I will try.  One
of the NaPTAN editors used by some authorities had a propensity to default
to CY - which presumably is what has happened in this case.

As you say, having alerted me to these issues, you can just ignore language
flags at present.

Best wishes


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2009/7/29 Thomas Wood <grand.edgemaster at gmail.com>:
> 2009/7/29 Christoph Böhme <christoph at b3e.net>:
>> - Alternative names (e.g. welsh names)
> NaPTAN includes this too, I was going to check whether the
> functionality was required as we started on Welsh/Scottish regions, I
> can't remember the reason for not implementing it immediately other
> than awkwardness of the way I was parsing.

I've now done a check on the Feb NaPTAN source files, there are no
language sections that seriously need to be considered, there are only
two regions that used them - East Sussex and Perth & Kinross.

The East Sussex reference was "<Indicator
xml:lang="ga">adj</Indicator>", which is obviously rubbish.

All the Perth & Kinross references were on the Name element, and
referenced /Welsh/, a few examples:
<Name xml:lang="cy">South Street</Name>
<Name xml:lang="cy">Post Office</Name>
<Name xml:lang="cy">Main Entrance</Name>
A look through shows others, such as road names, but none that are
obviously in Welsh.

Thus it's fairly safe to disregard the functionality NaPTAN provides
for alternative languages at this point.

Thomas Wood

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