[Talk-transit] Public transport schema

Sebastian Schwarz yugo at kahlfrost.de
Tue Jun 2 17:34:39 BST 2009


Well, I have been en-route the last days and thus did not have time to  
respond to any of the numerous mails covering almost all aspects of  
the new proposal relating to public transport. But I see the  
discussion sort of loosing sight of the mappers. From my point of  
view, we should find a good compromise which primarily serves the  
mappers and not the CEN. So, the schema should not be as compliant as  
possible to the standards but as good as possible for the mappers -  
provided with a reasonable part of standard compliance, of course. We  
do not want to model Heathrow Airport (apart from that, airports have  
never been part of the proposal!) but we want to start with the bus  
station around the corner!

@Gerrit Lammert:
Sorry!!! Initially, we completely forgot to mention other proposals we  
used as a source of inspiration - but now, the link to your proposal  
is set. Anyway, in my diploma thesis (which I am currently doing on  
public transport in OSM) your proposal is not only refrenced but  
analyzed, too.

Kind regards


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