[Talk-transit] Multiple tracks

Christian Krützfeldt christian at balticfinance.com
Sun Jun 21 20:26:39 BST 2009

I like the idea of grouping tracks and having to create only one line in the editors for 2 or more tracks.

But how would this work with points/junctions?

If I have tracks=2 and there is a junction where you could turn left, but only from the left track, how would that work?
Also if there are two individually drawn tracks that are now parallel for some time, how would I "merge" them into one with tracks=2 and still indicate which one is which?

I guess a simple solution would be to not allow any type of railway points/junctions when tracks>1, but that still leaves the problem on how to indicate multiple incoming lines that are now joint together, even if there is no way to go from one to the other and how to separate them correctly at the end of the multitrack?


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> No, simpler than that:
> tracks=1 => render a single line at all zooms
> tracks=2 => render a double line at all zooms tracks=X => 
> render a multiple line with X tracks at all zooms tracks=1ofX 
> => render a single line at high zooms, but render as if 
> tracks=X at medium/low zooms
> and though I wouldn't particularly recommend this 
> complication (but there are circumstances you might want to use it):
> tracks=YofX => render as if tracks=Y at high zooms, and as if 
> tracks=X at medium/low zooms
> As an example, if you've got four individual lines next to 
> one another, they would all be tracks=1of4.
> Richard

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