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>>> Hi everyone
>>> We discussed at our West Mids meeting last night the best way
>>> forward. Here
>>> is what we would like to see happen:

>>> 2. If it's easy to code,  generate ways between related nodes for
>>> things
>>> like plusbus zones, stopareas etc. We didn't discuss however how to
>>> tag
>>> these, so I guess just leave them untagged. If it's going to be
>>> difficult
>>> and slow down the implementation, then ignore it and just import
>>> the nodes
>>> and we'll have to generate ways manually.

> Stop Areas are probably best modelled as relations containing Stop
> Points where the relation has a name, a ref and a type and this should
> be easy. PlusBus zones are polygons and I would be very happy for
> these to wait. I have no idea if there are any in the DB anyway and no
> one seems very interested in them (they are about combined bus and
> rail fares in parts of the country).

I am very interested in PlusBus!  £2 for all day bus travel in the 
West Midlands is very good value!

There is a file StopPlubusZones.csv in the West Midlands NaPTAN which 
contains a list of 12107 bus stops.  I have taken these to be all the 
stops within the West Midlands PlusBus zone.

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