[Talk-transit] [Talk-gb-westmidlands] NaPTAN data import

Gerrit Lammert osm at 00l.de
Fri Mar 6 21:16:15 GMT 2009

Hi Peter.

Peter Miller wrote:
> On 6 Mar 2009, at 18:28, Andy Robinson (blackadder-lists) wrote:
>>> Gerrit - NaPTAN references nodes as being part of a StopArea,
>>> somewhat
>>> like our relation structure. The converter is already pulling them in
>>> according to the unified stop area spec. (Except for not having the
>>> stop-points on the road way, just beside, but thats just a moot
>>> point)
> In the EU a Stop Point is the place that the person waits for the
> vehicle, which is beside the road/track and the place where the
> vehicle stops in called a Stopping Point is on the road/track.
> Can we agree that a Stop in OSM is the same as a Stop Point and is
> therefore correctly positioned beside the track. What OSM is proposing
> to call a Halt is on the track and is the same as a Stopping Point.
> The unified Stop Area proposal is a great one to settle this one for
> good for all public transport modes.  I do hope we can drop that as a
> 'moot point' soon!
> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_features/unified_stoparea

I started the unified stop_area to find a common approach to all these
similar locations (bus stop, railway station, pier, ...).
I do not really care about what everything is called as long as everyone
I found all the tags I used mentioned somewhere in the wiki (can't find
where "stop_area" came from, might even have been this ML). I tried to
put them in a position I deemed it fit. For me it seemed more logical to
have a "stop" on the road, thats why I defined that node as "bus_stop"
and used a new one for the platform/quay.
We can still change this, though as not too many people have adopted the
scheme yet.
In my opinion "stop point" ans "stopping point" are two phrases two
close to each other.
So if everyone agrees, lets try and brainstorm better names for the
elements in the unified_stoparea-Proposal.

Some things to consider:
* We should try to recycle as many nodes as possible. i.e. keep
railway=halt and highway=bus_stop to have current renderers have
something displayed.

* Where can we best generalize?
*** Is a stop point generally the same for every type of vehicle? I.e.
could we have something like highway=halt, railway=halt, waterway=halt?
*** Is the waiting area (stopping point) similar in each szenario as I
suggested? Having highway=platform/quay (railway=quay, waterway=quay)...
*** All of the above (routes they are included in decide their relevance
*** None of the above (we accept the additional complexity as the
information is needed)

Everyone: Feel free to discuss alternative naming schemes here or in the
wiki, but please keep simplicity in mind. :)


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