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Peter Miller peter.miller at itoworld.com
Mon Mar 9 15:56:13 GMT 2009

On 9 Mar 2009, at 13:48, Gerrit Lammert wrote:

>> All I am proposing is that where we want to model something in OSM
>> that related to transit that we try to use the same term and define  
>> is
>> as being for the same thing as in Transmodel.
> Good. I'm just a bit scared, because I don't really understand all  
> this Transmodel and Naptan stuff.
> In that way, I like to think of myself as the "common mapper". ;-)

Its my job to write something that makes sense and can be understood  
easily. I appreciate the concern when faced by such a large document,  
but we only need a small bit of it and I do know my way around it.

>> I think you are saying that this is a 'tagging review' of OSM transit
>> tags and that we will use Transmodel for inspiration, rather than
>> saying we will use Transmodel for everything regardless.
> Exactly.
> Probably even more than just inspiration, but lets not redefine OSM  
> to exactly copy Transmodel.

>> The only issue I have with the current page is that it is has Stop
>> Area in the title for something that is not a stop area in  
>> Transmodel.
>> If we get rid of that phrase from the title then I will be happy.
> Can you please explain, what a stop area in Transmodel is?
> I came up with the proposal before I knew anything about transmodel  
> (still don't really), so I think it is a good sign that there are so  
> many similarities.

A Stop area in Transmodel is defined as 'A group of STOP POINTs close  
to each other'.

>> So shall we call the new page 'Transit tagging review' or something.
>> If the proposal is later adopted we will then rename it as 'Transit
>> tagging'. The page will describe briefly all the transit elements  
>> that
>> we need in OSM (of which there are not actually a lot).
> Sounds good to me.

Excellent. I will have a go at it. I will base it on the unified stop  
area page, try to keep it clear and relevant whilst also using the  
correct modelling and names from Transmodel. We will then tweek it to  
make it work for OSM if we need to but lets start with the ideal and  
see how we get on.

I am currently awaiting clarification of one point from NickK though  
before I get going with it.



> Gerrit

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