[Talk-transit] Downloading current NaPTAN data

Roger Slevin roger at slevin.plus.com
Thu Mar 12 22:44:23 GMT 2009



I understand that it would now be appropriate for me to confirm that a fresh
download of NaPTAN data can be made from the national database.  This is in
accordance with the offer that traveline has made (in conjunction with
Department for Transport) to make this data available to OSM.  It would be
sensible, I suggest, that a complete set of files for national coverage are
taken in the same download . even if it is intended to import data on an
area by area basis.


I would expect to make occasional updates of this data available from time
to time - but I sense that more work needs to be done (after the initial
upload has worked successfully) to be able to use fresh downloads to update
the data in the future.  We can discuss this over the coming weeks or months
as more experience of the process has been gained.


I will continue to monitor this, the talk-transit, list and will contribute
advice from time to time as appropriate - but I am well aware that there are
others with detailed knowledge and experience of working with NaPTAN data
who will be able to answer many of the practical questions that will arise
in the process of using the data for real.  I wish the community well in
using the data - I hope it proves to be a useful contribution to the
development of OSM in Great Britain.


I am conscious that some concern has been expressed about whether OS has any
rights to the NaPTAN data (or NPTG) - and I can assure the OSM community
that the Department for Transport has been assured by Ordnance Survey that
they do not claim any rights over NaPTAN location data - and it is a matter
of record that Department for Transport is the owner of the NPTG database.
Both NaPTAN and NPTG are maintained by DfT as national databases, collating
data from all local transport authorities in England, Wales and Scotland.


Best wishes


Roger Slevin

Standards Manager, Transport Direct Team, Department for Transport


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