[Talk-transit] NaPTAN import

Peter Miller peter.miller at itoworld.com
Thu Mar 19 18:19:15 GMT 2009

On 19 Mar 2009, at 17:18, Thomas Wood wrote:

> Yes, this is the first message since the confirmation we can use the  
> data.
> I did a little more tweaking to the StopArea code at the weekend (not
> that it matters for the WestMids data).
> I propose we now do the following:
> - Download the whole NaPTAN dataset, so to simplify the update
> process in the future (it'll be easier to merge a complete data set
> with a single noted timestamp)
> - Run a conversion and filter on the West Midlands data set for just
> items in Birmingham.
> - Show the list 5 or so example stops to show how they've been
> converted, so we can fix any issues before an import. (And possibly
> produce a slimmed down slippymap showing the density of data we're
> importing). If a consensus is reached, we'll run an import under the
> NaPTAN account. (http://www.openstreetmap.org/user/NaPTAN, which I
> currently have control of).
> - Allow Birmingham mappers to trawl the data and work on a set of
> guidelines of how to bring the data more in-line with OSM, where
> required.
> - Open the import to other talk-gb regions.
> I also propose that the official datasets are kept (privately),
> converted, and uploaded on/from the OSM dev machine rather than one of
> our personal ones.

All sounds good to me.

When you create the NaPTAN Import user do give that user a description  
saying what it is being used for and also give a link to the  
'controllers' of that user, ie yourself and I would suggest we have at  
least one other person who knows the password of the NaPTAN Import user.



> 2009/3/18 Christoph Böhme <christoph at b3e.net>:
>> Hi all
>> has there been any progress with the NaPTAN import yet? The list has
>> been very quiet recently.
>> I started programming the visual merge tool but I have not yet  
>> reached
>> a point where there is something to show. I decided not to modify the
>> busstop data in the osm database directly but to keep a seperate copy
>> of the relevant nodes that can be merged into the database at some
>> point when we tidied it up (basically like the dracos tool does it).
>> Just wanted to let you know that I have not given up on the  
>> import ...
>> Christoph
>> Brian Prangle <bprangle at googlemail.com> schrieb:
>>> Hi everyone
>>> Summarising where I believe we've got to:
>>> 1. Thomas: schedule for completion - we're entirely in your hands -
>>> agree it's best to avoid the API update.
>>> 2. Birmingham only for test import
>>> 3. No highway=bus_stop tags, enabling us to merge/verify existing  
>>> OSM
>>> data ( Christophe's visual tool to eventually solve this manual  
>>> task)
>>> BUT tag taxi ranks as amenity=taxi
>>> 4. Import on the basis of the current selection/naming in naptan
>>> tagging wiki. Imports to be carried out by new user naptan
>>> 5. Plusbus zones and stop areas - import the naptan data only and
>>> leave doing anything with it until the debate on stopareas reaches a
>>> conclusion
>>> 6. Roger/Peter:  is our current method of accessing the data OK? Or
>>> do you have to explicitly issue us with a dataset (perhaps the data
>>> publicly available for test is not the most current/accurate?)
>>> 7. Andy: agree on re-tagging w mids bus stops with route_ref and  
>>> using
>>> semicolons instead of pipes to separate route nos in order to
>>> standardise - presume you have an automated routine for this?
>>> 8. Update needed on wiki regarding bus_stops (Andy? I'm happy to  
>>> do a
>>> first draft for you to edit before publication - or better still
>>> submit it to this discussion list)
>>> Parked for later discussion/solution
>>> a)Stopareas (see above)
>>> b)Big-bang vs regional adoption (probably a talk gb discussion once
>>> Birmingham data and process completed)
>>> c)handling NaPTAN bus_stop updates
>>> d) importing further NaPTAN public transport data
>>> e) user feedback - there's a wide range of skill and experience in
>>> the OSM community and there are certain to be problems. An explicit
>>> route needed? f) how to maintain data integrity once it's imported
>>> and inexperienced users potentially delete data that other users  
>>> have
>>> written applications that rely on it being there. I guess this is
>>> general problem not specific to this project- but this is a donated
>>> dataset and potentially could drive a considerable number of
>>> applications
>>> Unless there are any strong objections,(or I've ommitted anything
>>> from the discussions) I'd like to think we can close the discussion
>>> on the import and let Thomas get on with finishing the coding. Thank
>>> you everyone for your time and contributions
>>> We can continue discussion on the parked items and anything else  
>>> that
>>> doesn't impact the coding for the first live Birmingham import
>>> Regards
>>> Brian
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