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> Thomas

> I've also looked at Google maps and their alignment is off too in exactly
> the same way ours is in areas I know well and have surveyed, so I guess it's
> down to the NaPTAN data. There are examples where I know the bus stops are
> in a row along the street (Corporation Street  and Acocks Green Village for
> example) but NapTAN has one or two skewed from the line by several metres.
> Currently I favour correcting the NapTAN data  to what we know on the
> ground, but until a consensus emerges I'm laying off the urge to correct it.


Please hold open the possibility that your improvements to NaPTAN can 
be fed back to the authorities for them to improvement of the official 

I will not comment specifically on the West Midlands data but in some 
of the major cities the bus stops were located some time ago before 
the more accurate GPS as we know it today was available.  The data is 
usally good enough for public transport timetables and navigation but 
does not always look as good as it should on a map.

I also notice that the OSM surveyed stops are put neatly beside the 
edge of the road whereas the NaPTAN points tend to be further from the 
road centre line, probably closer to where the kerb actually is.  This 
sometimes gives bus operators problems knowing which road the bus stop 
is on.

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