[Talk-transit] NOVAM is back

Chris Hill osm at raggedred.net
Thu Oct 22 11:01:37 BST 2009

Christoph Boehme wrote:
> Good Morning,
> this is just to let you know that NOVAM is working again. It can be 
> found on http://mappa-mercia.org/novam . Please update any old links and 
> booksmarks.
> Since I decided not to implement a merging functionality on the website 
> I have removed most of the old user interface elements and made the 
> NOVAM viewer the new interface. Please tell me if you miss any 
> functionality from the old user interface.
> I will update the colour coding of the bus stops at the weekend.
> Cheers,
> Christoph
Thanks Christoph.  How do I find what what tags are needed to be 
completely tagged? The page still won't print (produces a largely blank 
page from FF3) which is valuable for taking out to find stops yet to be 

Cheers, Chris

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