[Talk-transit] NaPTAN case study

Chris Hill osm at raggedred.net
Thu Oct 22 14:58:50 BST 2009

Christoph Boehme wrote:
> Chris Hill <osm at raggedred.net> wrote:
>> Christopher Osborne wrote:
>>> Hello all
>>> As part of the data.gov.uk <http://data.gov.uk> experiments, I had 
>>> several encounters with top brass of various gov departments. They 
>>> were very excited in the NaPTAN import, none of them had heard
>>> about it and as far as I know it is the first example of
>>> crowdsourced improvements to a UK gov dataset.
>>> Very glad to see http://mappa-mercia.org/novam/ is back online
>>> today. I need to prepare some briefing information to send back to
>>> top brass, and was wondering where are some good locations to show
>>> off the great work OSMappers have been doing with the NaPTAN data?
>>> -- 
>>> Christopher Osborne
>>> www.itoworld.com <http://www.itoworld.com>
>> We have checked about 75% of the stops in Hull. I have established a 
>> contact in the city council's transport team who has received the
>> data we have checked with all of our comments about what we found so
>> far.  I hope he will use the data to feed back to NaPTAN so
>> eventually the quality will improve all round. 
>> I created a simple overlay for the city http://bus.raggedred.net to
>> help to show the progress but also to highlight stops that we have
>> found that need correction to the NaPTAN data. I like the idea and
>> the look of NOVAM, esp. because it is national and updates regularly,
>> but it doesn't yet show quite what I need to help the council team.
> Do you think the planned changes to the colour scheme will make it more
> helpful?
The thing I think might be missing is that I differentiate stops that 
have a note=*.  These are the stops that I have checked, have all the 
NaPTAN tags you would expect, but one or more is in error, such as the 
bearing.  I don't change the NaPTAN tag (as discussed some time earlier) 
but add a note= tag with the thing(s) I find wrong, including if I moved 
the stop because I was sure it was in the wrong place.  If you check my 
overlay these are the cyan coloured stops.  Click on one and you will 
see the note.  My overlay is a lashup so I would really like to see 
NOVAM  working well.
> I should perhaps also note that NOVAM is not working (properly) in
> Internet Explorer (anothrer thing I need to look into).
That could be a problem for councils' transport teams who probably 
mostly use IE.
> Cheers,
> Christoph
>> Cheers, Chris
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