[Talk-transit] NaPTAN case study

Roger Slevin roger at slevin.plus.com
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For Clacton - and indeed for any part of the SE, EM and EA traveline
regions, the interactive maps on the sites allow right-clicking on any road
link to show the current services using each road link.

In 95% of cases these will be accurate - the other 5% the automatic routing
algorithm may have misplaced a service (and we occasionally find some
unexplained bugs which need to be referred back to our system supplier).

My view is that this information is so transient that it is not something
that I would feel comfortable seeing added to base cartography - in the
public transport information world we have a clear split between
"infrastructure" (the stops) and "services" (which are more transient and
have a range of other attributes that make them quite different from an
element of the local infrastructure).  As someone "outside" the OSM
community, therefore, I would be encouraging OSMers to think carefully about
the boundary between what can sensibly be held in OSM and what really ought
to come on the fly from another source, where the data management is in
terms of weekly updates or more frequent.

Best wishes


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> I forgot to add: I agree with Peter, please drop the route_ref
> tag as a
> requirement for completed stops.  Most of the stops in Hull
> have no
> route info on the stop signs.

And in Clacton some signs do (in which case I add the tag) and some
don't. Those that do might not have kept up with changing routes
however so may be wrong. Adding routes is something I'll be doing at
some point, but won't be relying on the route numbers on the signs.
I did drive along behind the 137 one morning until it took a bus
only road...


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