[Talk-transit] NaPTAN case study

Peter Miller peter.miller at itoworld.com
Fri Oct 23 10:05:33 BST 2009

On 23 Oct 2009, at 08:20, Ed Loach wrote:

> Roger wrote:
>> For Clacton - and indeed for any part of the SE, EM and EA
>> traveline
>> regions, the interactive maps on the sites allow right-clicking
>> on any road
>> link to show the current services using each road link.
> Which sites are these? As someone who spent ages trying to find a
> route map of Clacton that I could print to post to my father-in-law
> marking where he needed to change when travelling by bus from
> Colchester to us and where to get off nearest our house I was unable
> to find any suitable. Fortunately I had an old one I'd printed the
> first time I looked for one, but try as I might I can't find out
> where from (the reference in the bottom left says FWT 17.8.07 in
> case that helps).

I believe that this is the site that Roger was referring to:-

And yes, it can be used to print maps for individual routes (but only  
one service pattern per map as far as I can see). ie there will be a  
different map for the outbound and inbound versions of each service.

I am not aware that it will do the overview map that öpnvkarte achieves.



> But if there are now route maps I can print off somewhere my
> incentive to map them will be less. It is the lack of such maps
> which was my reason for wanting to add routes, so I could print them
> from http://www.öpnvkarte.de/.
> Ed
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