[Talk-transit] NOVAM is back

Christoph Böhme christoph at b3e.net
Wed Oct 28 23:02:00 GMT 2009

Chris Hill <osm at raggedred.net> schrieb:

> Ed Loach wrote:
> > I forgot to say when I was asking about bus shelters how much I like
> > the changes as they are. It works so much better in this area to let
> > me see which I've verified, even if they aren't green (I'm tempted
> > to just pull all the local bus stop nodes without the
> > naptan:verified key, and without a shelter key into a JOSM selection
> > and add shelter=no for now...)
> >   
> ... which is what I did.

I will remove shelter=no from the "Peter Miller" scheme tomorrow. Is
anyone using the Birmingham scheme?

> Sadly the NOVAM doesn't seem to load in IE yet.

Yes, that really needs to be sorted out. It is just so much less
interesting than adding new features. If you want to, you can give it a
try. I can send you the source code. It is just javascript which should
run locally without a webserver. The bus stops can simply be queried
from the mappa-mercia server. At the moment IE8 is complaining about an
error in OpenLayers when initialising NOVAM. This, stops it from
working. Perhaps this can be fixed relatively easily.


> Cheers, Chris
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