[Talk-transit] local_ref problem around Anerley in NAPTAN

Jason Cunningham jamicubat at googlemail.com
Tue Sep 1 23:49:47 BST 2009


I've noticed the same problem with Anerley. Digging around my memory and
looking at the TFL website confirms what I thought the problem was. A few
years ago a resting place/bus station was built next to Anerley Station for
bus drivers, a couple of nearby Bus Routes were extended to Anerley Station,
and other buses that finish nearby in Penge use it a a resting place. As a
result was a change in the number and locations of Bus Stops, and their
reference code thing.
The result is available to see on the TFL website. If you look for the bus
maps they have available for the Anerley area, they provide two relevant
maps. The out of date Anerley map, and the new Anerley Station map
And its far more complex than those maps show as bus stops off the main map
areas are affected. Obviously I cant use these maps to sort the problem out
because of copyright, but even if we were allowed to they wouldn't be of any

Adding the Naptan imports to this problem has created a kind of OSM Soduku
puzzle in Anerley. I tried to have look this afternoon but gave in fairly

Jason Cunningham

Roger Slevin wrote:
>On 22/08/09 Shaun McDonald wrote:

>>On On the way home last night I done a little checking of the bus stops.
>>The 6 bus stops outside Brixton Station look good. There is a little
>>bit of work to tidy up some of the old data. I also noticed a road
>>that should be one way and needs to be fixed. Hopefully I'll remember
>>to do this when osm.org comes back online.
>>Then around Anerley Station I noticed that all the local references
>>were different. I think they might be been changed recently (some
>>point in the past year and a bit) from 2 character references to
>>single character reference, as I remember surveying one or two of
>>them. Is this just an issue with out of date data in NAPTAN, or is
>>there some other problem?
>Almost certainly a breakdown in communication between London Buses and TfL,
>so the change in stop refs has not been copied across to NaPTAN.  But if you
>can let me have the AtcoCode values for the stops concerned (and what they
>are now showing as stop "indicators") I can try to check this out with TfL.
>Please send this to ro... at slevin.plus.com
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