[Talk-transit] local_ref problem around Anerley in NAPTAN

Shaun McDonald shaun at shaunmcdonald.me.uk
Wed Sep 2 12:28:57 BST 2009

On 2 Sep 2009, at 09:22, Peter Miller wrote:

> On 1 Sep 2009, at 23:49, Jason Cunningham wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I've noticed the same problem with Anerley. Digging around my  
>> memory and looking at the TFL website confirms what I thought the  
>> problem was. A few years ago a resting place/bus station was built  
>> next to Anerley Station for bus drivers, a couple of nearby Bus  
>> Routes were extended to Anerley Station, and other buses that  
>> finish nearby in Penge use it a a resting place. As a result was a  
>> change in the number and locations of Bus Stops, and their  
>> reference code thing.
>> The result is available to see on the TFL website. If you look for  
>> the bus maps they have available for the Anerley area, they provide  
>> two relevant maps. The out of date Anerley map, and the new Anerley  
>> Station map [link]. And its far more complex than those maps show  
>> as bus stops off the main map areas are affected. Obviously I cant  
>> use these maps to sort the problem out because of copyright, but  
>> even if we were allowed to they wouldn't be of any use!
>> Adding the Naptan imports to this problem has created a kind of OSM  
>> Soduku puzzle in Anerley. I tried to have look this afternoon but  
>> gave in fairly quickly
> I have had a look at the area, and many of the merges of NaPTAN and  
> existing seem pretty straightforward where there are two stops close  
> to each other, one being NaPTAN the other not. Would it be  
> appropriate to merge the stops where there is no big issue first.  
> Most of the ones around here seem ok:-
> http://www.openstreetmap.org/?lat=51.4084987342358&lon=-0.0607118010520935&zoom=17
> I agree that the area around the station is more tricky given that  
> they have moved and renamed stops and will need a site visit.  
> Interesting that you found before and after maps on the TfL site as  
> evidence!

Pretty easy since I go past there each day. It's just a case of  
setting my mind to mapping on my own doorstep.

I'm wondering if I should change the local_ref and not the  
naptan:Indicator, or if I should change both and then Naptan to take  
the new data as being better to update their records.

I haven't seen any new maps on the bus stops yet, just the old ones,  
though I haven't looked at many yet.

> Btw, I like the way you have done the platforms as linear ways which  
> the render nicely. I have just replicated that in Ipswich. I did  
> tweek Anerley  station a bit to get the bottom of the steps to join  
> the platform btw, I assume that I was correct in my assumption.

That was ages ago that I done that. I have added those extra details  
to a few stations, in some cases even adding the platform numbers. It  
does become more difficult when there are island platforms. The reason  
why I have been adding them is from a desire to know how to access the  
station, and how to access the platforms. It is also an increased  
detail thing.

It's great to hear that my mapping is spurring on others to map the  
same thing in their area. Thanks for fixing the bottom of the steps.


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