[Talk-transit] local_ref problem around Anerley in NAPTAN

Thomas Wood grand.edgemaster at gmail.com
Wed Sep 2 17:51:50 BST 2009

2009/9/2 Péter Connell <p8r at connell.plus.com>:
> Isn't different names what name/loc_name/alt_name/nat_name &c. are for?
> Where they differ I would probably prefer
> name: what it says on the flag e.g. Woodhouse Street Holborn Terrace
> loc_name: the most common name people/bus drivers/timetables would use
> e.g. Charing Cross Shops
> alt_name: (where applicable) where timetables show something different
> still e.g. old name of pubs, pubs that have closed etc. (though the old
> King's Head could be a loc_name I guess)
> nat_name: what it says in NaPTAN

Nah, just use naptan:CommonName for what NaPTAN says, as it is
imported, there's no point changing it, since it wont make any
difference upstream.
All the other suggestions are good.
In most cases CommonName and name should be the same, but TfL just
don't like us...

> though obviously where name is the same as some of these you wouldn't
> use them.
> I would tend to assume all this data is worth capturing rather than just
> deferring to NaPTAN's superiority as it is buggy in some places... (and
> it its purpose is really for helping PTI pros identify bus stops rather
> than for passengers?)
> Would appreciate anyone's views
> Péter

Thomas Wood

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