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On Thu, Sep 3, 2009 at 4:46 PM, Frankie
Roberto<frankie at frankieroberto.com> wrote:
> Fulfilling a very small niche, I've added a (very short) page for monorails
> (in the UK): http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/United_Kingdom_monorails

we should build more monorails so we can map more monorails ...

> The page for the tag is here:
> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tag:railway%3Dmonorail

thank you, that very simple Zoofari Monorail  network is a gentle
introduction to Relations.

> Other than the slightly different form of the track (and the fact that they
> hold a certain place in our retro-sci-fi imagination),

some of us hope it's not just retro ...

>I haven't yet spotted
> any special tagging requirements that are different from standard railways
> (unlike trams).

i guess we don't need to record which style of Switch is used, nor
which of the vertical and horizontal wheels are idler or driven.

> They do seem to be mostly single track though, often in
> loops, making oneway=yes tags all the more important...

I would expect the Maintenance spur on Zoofari to be two-way and the
rest oneway=yes, but no oneway tags seen.

 If railway=monorail were defined to imply oneway=yes, the spur would
be the elusive usecase for oneway=no .
Otherwise, oneway=yes may belong in the hypothetical monorail preset
and Useful combination section of the sidebar on

Most monorails are elevated, as they have infrastructure savings over
other rigid-track elevated forms. So layer=1 should be default in a
monorail preset and Useful combination.
is there a variant of access=public that will indicate that the fare
is inclusive with a larger amenity's admission?

Should nodes that are pylons have an extra tag ?  Since a gradual
curve can be supported from two ends and we don't have splines, there
will be non-pylon nodes in some monorails, so we can't assume each
node is a pylon.

Comparison to a US monorail -- I guess there's another wiki page needed --

The Disney World monorail (which is double track, counter circulating
loop, one express, one local) is layer=2 with stations at layer=3 .
This may be correct, as iirc they use gravitational potential for low
tech regenerative braking. Each rail is also a single way all round,
rather than a relation of station to station ways. One of the switches
may be double-rail, as I have yet to find on OSM or YIMG WMS the
connection from inner loop to outer. Something to look for when
surveying in person next...
So there is no use of relations, route, or network concepts on this
imported monorail. Is there general agreement that a
The Epcot monorail connects to the WDW double loop above with a
dogbone loop that appears as double-way mach of its run.
The Express and Epcot loops have 2 stations, the Resort loop 6.
None have oneway=yes, but then, TIGER imports never do.
Maintenance spur http://www.openstreetmap.org/browse/way/28696093
would be two way.

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