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Bill Ricker bill.n1vux at gmail.com
Fri Sep 4 13:32:46 BST 2009

> By the way, the reason that there are two route=train relations, rather than
> one, is that the way the train operates is that you can only do one half
> loop, and then you have to alight (you can't stay on). So effectively, they
> are two separate one-directional, no-stop express routes. If you wanted to
> do a whole loop (which seems entirely reasonable to me), you'd have to
> "interchange" by getting off, buying a new ticket, and then rejoining the
> queue!

Ahh. The Disney monorails allow staying on all day, and they're
outside the turnstile, so the only charge is parking. My parents used
a hotel parking pass to ride the Epcot monorail for free last spring
-- but they came back the next day for one-day park ticket for Epcot
Flower & Garden fest, so the free preview worked,

> Um, I've forgotten which way round it goes! (Desperately trying to remember,
> or at least Google the answer)...

the angle of mantenance spur tells ... do they back onto or off of the
main-line ?

> I suspect that we ought to add explicit oneway=yes/no tags rather than
> relying on [implication]

aggreed. then it goes in recommended combinations on Tag wiki.

>> is inclusive with a larger amenity's admission?
> Not sure. There's an additional fee for the Zoofari Monorail though - how
> should I tag that?

i don't know. assumption is footpath access is public unless tagged,
but inside the zoo's area is obviously not; bus and trains routes are
assumed to have a fare.

> Any thoughts on a good tag for the pylons?


>  (which I didn't survey btw!)

may be able to pick them off Yahoo Imagery by shadows?

>> Comparison to a US monorail -- I guess there's another wiki page needed --

> Go for it!

i may, but short of tuits ...

>> The Disney World monorail
> Nice summary. We'll have to investigate some more, and then maybe trying to
> add the relations required.

as noted above each loop is one route.  The TTC 3-line interchange
station is center of network.

> Any other big monorail systems we can map? :-)

you linked the mothership website.

i am really frosted by the anti-monorail spiel on website of a fanatic
for Montreal's Micheline Pneumo 'train' that is part light rail part
tram and rather like an inside-out monorail, yet he 'proves' monorails
are less efficient ... even though they have three kinds of wheels
more than two, without ever considering cost of elevating one rail vs
two or four or the cost of tunnelling. Micheline may be superior for
an all tunnel system, but monorail pylons could be planted in the
median barrier of a motorway.

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