[Talk-transit] More NaPTAN Counties Uploaded - Bristol and Cheshire East

Roger Slevin roger at slevin.plus.com
Sun Sep 6 23:21:57 BST 2009

Noted - I will review it and raise it with the relevant NaPTAN editor.

The "relevant person at the DfT" is me - and I am only reading
[talk-transit] - so this is the best forum to report things to (or I can
make my direct e-mail address available if that would be helpful).


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2009/9/6 Richard Bullock <rb357 at cantab.net>:
> Hello Thomas,
> I am the right one for Cheshire East!
> I was out today and I thought I'd take a photo of one bus stop to see how
> the reference numbers on the bus stop compare with the import data.

This info will be useful to put on

> The bus stop had MA0538 on the sign.
> I went to NaPTAN and this one said 0600MA0539
> the one with MA0538 was the one on the opposite side of the road.
> Now my question is; is this likely to be;
> 1. a council error - e.g. the contractors have mixed up the signs when
> putting them up
> 2. a NaPTAN error - e.g. the numbers have been entered into the database
> wrong way round for some reason
> 3. Something else?

Who knows is the simple answer.

> I'm pretty sure it can't be that the positional errors have led to both
> being shown on the wrong side of the road as the naptan:bearing tags look
> right.
> Are we reporting errors we find to councils/DfT etc.?
> Richard

People on the list have access to the official NaPTAN error report
tool, so if required the error report can be pushed back upstream to
the council to review. I'm not sure on our policy to report back
errors at the moment.
(In fact I'm not sure if the appropriate people from the DfT are
reading talk-gb either, so I'll copy this to talk-transit too... which
I didn't want to clutter further)

Thomas Wood

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