[Talk-transit] New bus stops

Ed Loach ed at loach.me.uk
Mon Sep 7 14:04:17 BST 2009

Thomas asked:

> Could it be the counterpart of this stop?
> http://www.openstreetmap.org/browse/node/474895704

Thanks for that. I did check Morrisons for bus stop nodes, but
missed this CUS stop. It might well be. Since I moved to Clacton
about 10 years ago, Morrisons (then Safeways) had a section next to
the store marked "Buses and Taxis" which only ever seemed to be used
by people too lazy to park a little further away in a marked bay.
Buses never (as far as I could tell) went near it, and the only
taxis I saw there had popped in to do shopping and weren't waiting
for customers. This area was between the east wall of the store and
the parking aisle, so not quite where the CUS stop node you
mentioned is anyway.

The recently introduced route 137 now passes the store (I think the
route is circular, though I've only followed the bus from Tesco into
the town centre, where it took a bus only turn and I lost it), so I
guess the physical stop that was added has replaced the CUS stop
that I don't believe has been used in the last decade.


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