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Thanks Shaun. I thought I'd have to find an example outside the UK. Next time I travel on the tram I'll pay attention to traffic restrictions instead of trying to fix some no-name streets.

I did think of another restriction, which is not mapped. On Badenerstrasse, Zurich, the trams run down the middle of the street. In most places the tram lines are separated by a curb, but from Albisriederplatz westwards they are not. There is a broad white line on the outside of the tram lines, indicating that cars should not encroach on the tram lines. I know U-turns are forbidden as I had a friend who was adept at finding out about Swiss traffic restrictions the hard way. 

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This is a perfect reason for having two ways sharing nodes. Both may have different names and restrictions as you have found. If I remember correctly the Croydon Tramlink is mapped with a separate way for this reason. (It also in places jumps from running along the middle of the road  between the traffic flows to cross it and go on the other side of the road vehicles. There are a few bits where you can go with the tram and cycle, but not with other road vehicles).


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I've just been updating a few street-names along the route of the Nottingham Tram, and I encountered an issue with this wayhttp://www.openstreetmap.org/browse/way/19066107. This section of the tram is oneway, southbound; the northbound line running a couple of hundred metres to the east. However, the tram and the road are tagged on the same way. I don't actually know what the traffic restrictions are on the road, but clearly it is not impossible for a road to be 2-way and the tram only running oneway, and vice versa. I was wondering if anyone has any advice as to how to resolve this type of issue. The options I can think of at the moment are:
>* Namespaced oneway tags. Almost certainly to be ignored by any existing tools.
>* Two distinct ways sharing nodes, one for the roadway, the other for the tramline.
>* Rely on roles in the relation.
>In the meantime I'll try and see if I can think of some other similar cases.
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