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Hi Frankie,

You're absolutely right. The Phoenix Park & Hucknall services are distinct just sharing the running ways, but co-branded as NET-1. I think some Hucknall line services terminate at Bulwell in the evenings, but that's it in terms of complexity. I added a couple of stops to the relation on the one-way sections, but obviously used the wrong role (forward).

Originally I just created the relation to get it into OPNV-Karte, but obviously these things can (and should) be refined. I don't know how this will change once NET-2 & NET-3 come into the picture, but we have plenty of time to refine how to model these things.


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2009/9/7 Jerry Clough - OSM <sk53_osm at yahoo.co.uk>

I've just been updating a few street-names along the route of the Nottingham Tram

Incidentally, the Nottingham Tram (sorry, 'Express Transit') relation - http://www.openstreetmap.org/browse/relation/170076 - highlights an interesting issue.

As it stands, the relation makes it look like there's one service - 'Line 1' - which stops at both Hucknall and Phoenix Park. This kind of makes some sense, in that they're both labelled 'Line 1', but in another sense there are two types of tram service, Station Street to Hucknall (and back) and Station Street to Phoenix Park (and back). From a routing perspective, we'd probably want to have a separate relation for each service (I'm guessing).

The one-way loop can probably be handled just using the forward/backward roles on the ways, so I don't think we'd need 4 relations (both destinations in both directions).

I've also been adding the station nodes as role=stop (not sure whether this is 100% necessary, but it can't do any harm).

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