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Frankie Roberto frankie at frankieroberto.com
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2009/9/7 Jerry Clough - OSM <sk53_osm at yahoo.co.uk>

You're absolutely right. The Phoenix Park & Hucknall services are distinct
> just sharing the running ways, but co-branded as NET-1. I think some
> Hucknall line services terminate at Bulwell in the evenings, but that's it
> in terms of complexity.

This same issue applies to most of the London Underground tube lines as well
- for instance the Central line has a few different branches, but there's
only one relation for the whole thing at the moment (see list at

Incidentally, I'm not sure whether, in the case of the London Underground
and NET1, it's worth also having a relation for the whole 'network'.  This
is something I've started to do for some tram networks (eg see the Croydon
Tramlink at http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/United_Kingdom_trams) but I'm
not sure whether it's necessary or not (given that we could just have a
network=* tag on the separate relations).

That said, it is kinda useful to be able to link to one relation for the
whole of the Central line, rather than having to programmatically merge two

I don't know how this sits with

I added a couple of stops to the relation on the one-way sections, but
> obviously used the wrong role (forward).

Yep, 'forward' doesn't make much sense as a role on a node! :-)

> Originally I just created the relation to get it into OPNV-Karte, but
> obviously these things can (and should) be refined. I don't know how this
> will change once NET-2 & NET-3 come into the picture, but we have plenty of
> time to refine how to model these things.

Yes, time is on our side. There's going to be a load of work to do to
incorporate the expanded tram network in Manchester too. But I'm looking
forward to it... :-)


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