[Talk-transit] Public Transport routing

Peter J Stoner stonerpj at mytraveline.info
Tue Sep 8 01:10:58 BST 2009

In message on 7 Sep 2009,  Frankie Roberto  wrote:

> * There are numerous tracks into Manchester Piccadilly mapped (not sure if
> they correspond to the number of tracks exactly or not).

I have tried to improve the map of the station by adding the platforms 
and footbridge based on a trace I did a couple of weeks ago.  I hope I 
have not caused too much disturbance.

> I can't remember
> which platform the train normally comes in at (and it probably varies
> anyway), so have picked one at random.

The Traveline North East region journey planner will give you the 
platfom numbers even from Hope to Manchester Piccadilly.  I would be 
interested to hear whether it would be acceptable to use such a source 
of information in OSM.  It comes from the same data source as the 
screens on the station so I don't think there can be much copyright 
difference whether you read it on a station screen or internet screen.

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