[Talk-transit] One last question (for now)

Ed Loach ed at loach.me.uk
Tue Sep 8 15:02:17 BST 2009

I asked:

> Is it worth questioning the stop names? The ones named "B&Q" in
> Clacton for example are outside their old site (now "The
> Range"), as B&Q moved to new premises about 5 years ago. I've
> not yet been to the B&Q stops to see if they have the name on
> (some stops around here do, some don't - and these are two I've
> not yet checked).

I drove past them yesterday, I think. Neither seem to have any post
(let alone a named post), although one has a "BUS STOP" labelled
pull in. So names in this case aren't particularly relevant. When I
do a proper verify of them I'll remove the OSM name field if it
exists but there is no name there.


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