[Talk-transit] One last question (for now)

Ed Loach ed at loach.me.uk
Tue Sep 8 16:01:19 BST 2009

> I reckon name should be something like what-people-would-call-
> them [or
> what bus-drivers-would-understand], not necessarily as flagged.

The problem with this would, in the case of the "B&Q" stops be that
I could probably say any of the following:
I'd like to get off at (or near) 
* the ambulance station
* the snooker club
* the Range
* Dovercourt Ford
* the Rugby Club
* the Bowls Club
* the Scout hut
* the Valleybridge Road junction
* (just before/after) the railway bridge

which are all around the two stops I mentioned. The one that makes
most sense to me, and is used on most of the other stops I've
checked, is the one where the stop is named after the nearby side
road, as the road is more likely to persist than the other places
(well, apart from the railway bridge which survived the cull in the
60s so should persist a while yet).


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