[Talk-transit] One last question (for now)

Péter Connell p8r at connell.plus.com
Tue Sep 8 16:17:57 BST 2009

Problem is determining commonnames without reference to passengers - so 
you end up with Bridge Lane opp Health Centre (n bound) when 'B&Q' would 
be better.

Don't think there is much common at all about naming streets after side 
streets - few people (mappers and posties excluded unfortunately) will 
know the name of many/any streets that they don't reside. Ditto names of 
houses in rural areas. Or numbers - worse.

Naming stops is ideally suited for OSM-type crowd sourcing...

Roger Slevin wrote:
> That's why having an established commonname (as in NaPTAN) is important -
> and we want to grow the practice so that people recognise a stop by its
> commonname.  Most of the other names that you suggest are not names, they
> are narrative descriptions - which is quite different.  The commonname is
> the Given Name - I name this stop "....".  Generally it will take its
> parentage from a side street or a nearby landmark.
> Roger
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>> I reckon name should be something like what-people-would-call-
>> them [or
>> what bus-drivers-would-understand], not necessarily as flagged.
> The problem with this would, in the case of the "B&Q" stops be that
> I could probably say any of the following:
> I'd like to get off at (or near)
> * the ambulance station
> * the snooker club
> * the Range
> * Dovercourt Ford
> * the Rugby Club
> * the Bowls Club
> * the Scout hut
> * the Valleybridge Road junction
> * (just before/after) the railway bridge
> which are all around the two stops I mentioned. The one that makes
> most sense to me, and is used on most of the other stops I've
> checked, is the one where the stop is named after the nearby side
> road, as the road is more likely to persist than the other places
> (well, apart from the railway bridge which survived the cull in the
> 60s so should persist a while yet).
> Ed
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