[Talk-transit] One last question (for now)

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Don't be too hasty (although 5 years seems long enough): there are two stops on Castle Boulevard, Nottingham named MFI, which must be 2 years 'out-of-date'. Many locals will remember the presence of MFI long after the chain closed and the site is used for something else. There is a location on Nottingham ring-road known as The Futurist, after a cinema which closed in the '60s. 

This is very similar to bus stops (or even locations) named after pubs. I'm sure the A40 still has a Target roundabout on the road between Yeading and Greenford, although I remember the pub becoming a Macdonalds in the 1980s! There are quite a few bus stops in Nottingham which have pub names which seem to be changing to a non pub-based name. So "The Crown at Beeston" has become "Police Station", two or three stops along "The Hop-Pole" has become something completely unmemorable (a street name). The two operators of routes along this road use different names, and not all the bus signs have been updated. I don't know if this is a policy based on the current ephemeral nature of pubs (today I mapped lots of boarded up ones, and even the ones which appeared to be open, often have "lease this ..." signs outside), or perhaps influenced by multi-cultural considerations. Unfortunately they also seem to have changed my favorite in-bus announcment : "Halls of

All in all, this shows that multiple names need to be supported, for all sorts of reasons. We're not yet at a point where we can collect and support local names on a large scale: but, it would be interesting to do so, and bus stops represent a decent sub-set of localities. Perhaps we should ask the EPNS!

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I asked:

> Is it worth questioning the stop names? The ones named "B&Q" in
> Clacton for example are outside their old site (now "The
> Range"), as B&Q moved to new premises about 5 years ago. I've
> not yet been to the B&Q stops to see if they have the name on
> (some stops around here do, some don't - and these are two I've
> not yet checked).

I drove past them yesterday, I think. Neither seem to have any post
(let alone a named post), although one has a "BUS STOP" labelled
pull in. So names in this case aren't particularly relevant. When I
do a proper verify of them I'll remove the OSM name field if it
exists but there is no name there.


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