[Talk-transit] London Bridge

Peter Childs pchilds at bcs.org
Fri Sep 18 14:43:41 BST 2009

I've been trying to sort out the Map of London Bridge Station.

Its very difficult as London Bridge is based on about 6 layers with
random escalators, lifts and ramps connecting it up.

I'm thinking the building should only cover parts with a roof on and
hence really needs cutting up.....

Is there a marker I can put up to say where the trains actually stop
and that you need to move down the platform.

Oh and the whole station seams to be done from a mix of Guess Work,
Ground Knowledge, Yahoo Imaging, and the Odd GPS plot but its near
impossible to get a GPS lock under ground and even on the platform due
to the SkyScrapers its quite hard work with the limited device I've

Anyone got a Zoom Layer beyond level 19 so I can see what I'm doing
and pace the station out......


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